Basic knowledge for public debate

Basic knowledge for public debate


It has been proven plants and water can convert over ninty seven percent of the suns energy to carbon and latent heat.
Effectively cooling the day and warming the night clearly converting suns energy.

When plants are destroyed the energy melts the ice, heats the planet, the seas, powers extreme weather, breaks rocks and powers the wind.
Plants once had ten to twenty times the evaporating surfaces of the sea.   The result regular and gentle rain where seventy percent of the rain water have been through a plant.

The result, plants and landmass was cooler than the sea .

We know heat moves from where it’s warm to where it’s cooler effectively moving some water vapour from over the sea to the land which would condense to gentle rain.

Satellite images now show most of the land warmer than the sea and the rain falling on the sea.
We now dependent on a over heated land building extreme cycles and a thermal disturbance bringing rain systems from the sea.

It is necessary to realise that water and heat expand and then when the water reforms from gas is dominant in the plant managed system.
The current conditions can be observed by watching the patterns that form from water and latent heat and thermal disturbance due to unmanaged heat.

We now have the technical ability to show the population these processes.
In Paris at the climate conference a scientist asked  why they did not debate plants and water.
“His reply was too complicated to measure “.  Australian’s have the predvilege of an extreme varied landmass where visible evidence of repeatable  management strategies can be repeated by all and not bother about the complexities involved.

I begg people to use there basic knowledge of latent heat and energy to bring commonsense and reproduce processes that were once automatic.


Please let’s see this important aspect is part of the current debate.
I look forward to your responses.

Peter Andrews

Fire Management Australia

Fire Management Australia

I have just watched the news where a one hundred houses have been lost on the west coast of  Western Australia.

Modern scientific measurement can guarantee plants could definitely control fire’s on a west coast.   Recent history prior 1900 plants fire proofed the east coast (the lee side of climate systems ).

A hundred houses on the south coast of Victoria many small group’s of houses throughout the continent.   Grass fire’s in South Australia eighty three houses plus farm’s, sixty five houses and farm’s at Coonabarabran NSW .
It needs to be recognised that those two fires were the result of extensive grassland management.

Similar results are occurring with evasive grasses, spinifex and buffle grass in conjunction with fire promoting woody scrub.
It can be confirm that an examination of Australia’s history back forty thousand years a progressive increase in fire can be confirmed .

Prior to that a landscape many times as productive as today plant’s managed water so that fire’s went out when the sun went down.
It is never possible to reconstruct the past but it has been demonstrated to use the principles of the past to serve humanity while modifying climate extremes retaining ninty percent more water on the land and make it possible for modern technology to manage all fire’s with minimal losses .

The science that underpins all the above claims is available along with practical examples that all can use to produce results superior to the natural original.

All are invited to make the most rigorous evaluation of the above claims and become part of what could be an exciting future.
Please express opions .

Peter Andrews

Why has it taken so long

Why has it taken so long

It was obvious drainage and salinity have not been active for many thousands of years in a continent that had previously been  desertified for many long periods.

After a careful assessment it was obvious all forms of agriculture could benefit from the evidence the sedimentary patterns revealed.

Our very old landscape once had many counterintuitive functions it is critically important that these aspects are understanding of the management of climates are understood by all operator’s.

It is for these reasons I believed Dr John Williams; advice that government employees should understand the counterintuitive aspects of our continent.

If this was to happen I am certain Australia would prove to be the laboratory for the world attempting to solve our climate problems .

It is essential that I have the opportunity to demonstrate to our regulators the opportunities this land contains.

Peter Andrews

Welcome to our discussions

Welcome to our discussions

Just the fact you have landed here means you will most probably know that our discussions are of a serious nature and those partaking will be doing so with total respect for the subject matter and for those taking part.

If you would to partake in these discussions, please feel free to register, log-in and have your say.

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Enjoy the ride.

Peter Andrews